Multi-Functional. Collapsible.

Nutshell furniture offers unique and innovative storage solutions to saving space.

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In a city where condo sizes are decreasing, a group of budding entrepreneurs started Nutshell Furniture and conceptualized a design to combat the shrinking dwelling sizes.

Easy To Use

With our innovative and easy to use foldable furniture, you'll be able to use it an integrate it seamlessly with your lifestyle.

Space Saving

With our range of products, we specialize in space saving furniture solutions to maximize small spaces.

Multi Use

More than just a desk, Nutshell's furniture solutions offers easy to use vanities, bookshelves, and work stations.

With Foldable technology and scalable design, NutShell furniture is able to provide a new solution to small space storage and lifestyle.

Foldable Desk, Space Saving
Foldable Desk

The Vanity. Nutshell Furniture's Foldable Vanity.

Have you ever laid out your makeup around the bathroom sink during your morning routine, and accidentally knocked over expensive products on the floor? Or worse, down the drain? If so, this is for you! LED lighting around the 20' x 24' mirror, zoom mirror, storage. Say hello to smoother make-up routines!

Foldable Desk

The Bookshelf.  Nutshell Furniture's Foldable Bookshelf.

Not necessarily looking for a vanity? We have you covered! For all the love reading as well as an integrated multi-use desk for all of your day-to-day needs.

Foldable Desk

The Desk.  Nutshell Furniture's Foldable Desk.

Need a work station? A place to focus and find your zone, or even just a place to do homework? Nutshell Furniture offers a functional and collapsable work place.

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